Chronically Cute Carry Alls


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Bags designed to carry your (medical, tubie,makeup, baby..) essentials when you’re on the go!

There are different colors, sizes, phrases (materials in the shop),etc. that should allow for one that fits everyone’s needs 🙂

***For each bag sold, I will put a new one aside for a Newbie Tubie Package, so buy, buy, buy!


**when you order, make a note about what phrase and color you want from photos provided or custom

Prepared bags will be shipped promptly, but if you want one custom ordered or if it is not pre-made, it may take a few extra days.

*** I cannot guarantee that any specific bag, font, or color will be available, if they sell out & you order before I have updated it, there may be a photo of one that is not currently available.

*ALL PROFITS go towards the newbie tubie project! We need shipping fees and money to buy products that aren’t donated, so these sales are what keep us going! **


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