All About Rachel!

Just a 23 year old chronic illness & lifestyle blogger, artist, and die-hard dog lover 🙂 Follow me on my journey through life with illness, always searching for and embracing the simple pleasures we often take for granted!

I run a package program for first time tubies who are in need of support and someone to answer questions, address concerns, and just BE there. Each package has “tubie essentials” like tubie pads, clips, and heating pads as well as self care items, bath products, and toys for kids, books/journals, etc. If you make any items that fit, we are ALWAYS searching for new donors 😉

*Packages are funded through donations and art sales!*

Check out the “shop” page to see some of my pieces or check out Instagram and the blog to see more! 100% of profits go towards shipping and shopping costs for Newbie Tubies!

Instagram : newbietubies // positivelyrachels_art

Facebook: Newbie Tubie Care Packages // Positively Rachel

Etsy: PositivelyRachel