Welcome to my page!

This website was designed originally as a place for me to share my personal experiences as a chronic illness patient and to help spread awareness for invisible illnesses, and I continue to do that, my goal is to make more people aware of chronic illnesses & what it is like to live with invisible illnesses every day.

Through my 8+ years of being sick I have gained a unique, new perspective & experienced things most won’t in their lifetime, so I’m here to do my part and share my story.

This page isn’t solely about me and my health, though. I have guest posts, I share about my package program and opportunities to get involved with or donate towards that, I share about my photography, and I also share & sell my artwork. I found a passion for painting & creating as a coping method when trying to manage my chronic pain and now, I sell my paintings as well as awareness apparel and use 100% of the profits from those sales to keep Newbie Tubies up and running!

What makes my art unique is that every purchase sponsors at least one package, so when you see that piece of art, you will remember that it is not just another painting, it helped someone in a time when they needed extra care and support the most and you helped get them that  – and you did so by purchasing a lovely piece of art.

Check out more on that in the blog section “Newbie Tubies.”

Read. Learn. Check out my artwork. Purchase an item. Keep exploring and see what else there is to find 🙂

Thanks for coming by 🙂


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Looking to donate to newbie tubies? PayPal or Venmo are easiest for monetary donations OR check out our wishlists on Amazon & Etsy! We also take gift cards 🙂 Want to get involved? Email me!