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Positively Rachel is not just a chronic illness blog, it’s a space designed to spread awareness, support and personal experiences of both myself and guest writers.

Through my 8+ years of being sick I have gained a unique perspective; I’ve seen a whole new world and I aim to share the good, the bad, and the TMIs in order to bring awareness to life as a chronic illness patient who is sometimes able to find the words to  share with you what life on this journey is like.

I also share & sell my artwork;  Positively Rachel’s Art & Design is one positive that came from all this – I found a passion for painting and I sell these paintings as well as awareness apparel in order to keep Newbie Tubies up and running!

100% of profits from Positively Rachel  go towards Newbie Tubie Care Packages! Every sale allows us to send another care package (free of cost to the recipient) to another first time “tubie” who could use support, guidance, and a safe space for any questions or concerns one may have.

Check out more on that in the blog section “Newbie Tubies.”

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